Frequently asked questions

Thank you for visiting CPR. We understand there are plenty of questions when it comes to CBD.  We hope that these Frequently Asked Questions help you out. 

What makes CBD so effective in treating pain. How does that relate to CPR?

CBD has been shown in studies to help block the pain nerve receptors.   Combined with the CPR proprietary formula, it gives topical non prescription pain relief like neve before.

What makes our delivery system so effective with CBD?

We use delivery technology that is incorporated into many medical topical anesthetics to penetrate all of our actives deep into the tissue for maximum relief.

Are we 3rd party verified?

We are 3rd party verified and we do a certificate of analysis with every batch we make.

Do we ship nationwide?

We ship nationwide to any state where CBD products are legal to use.

Is your CBD a whole plant extract, synthetic, or an isolate?

We use only the purest form of Isolate.   This has been shown to be the most effective and potent form for pain relief.

What is the shelf life for GEL or Roll On?

CPR has a 2 year shelf life.  Because we manufacture 20 days a month, you can be assured that the bottle you purchase is highly potent and has the full shelf life.

Why we dont use THC in our products?

CPR is produced by CBD Research Labs, Inc.   Our commitment is to the science of CBD and only CBD.   We will never use THC in any of our products.