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Meet our CEO & Chief Research Officer

If you ask our founder, CEO and Chief of Research, Andrew Bryden, why he chose his career in the development of topicals, he gets a smile and loves telling the story.

“While I was an intern, part of that time was spent in clinic with patients.   In my second year of internship, I was assigned a patient with acne that changed my life.  This 16 year old young lady had extreme acne that affected her self-esteem so greatly that she quit going to school, felt that she had no friends and was causing extreme depression.  Her mother had brought her in as a last hope, as they had tried everything to clear her skin.  As with any new patient, you do an initial assessment and questionnaire.    As I spoke to her, I asked her what was her goal for us to achieve.  Without blinking, she said to me that she had never been on a date and all she wanted was to be back in school, with friends and most of all wanted a boy to ask her to the prom.  It is a moment I will never forget.

For the next several months, I saw this patient weekly.   Combined with topical treatments and weekly extractions, the results were phenomenal.   You could not only see her skin changing before your eyes, but here self-esteem and happiness return.  A couple of months after her last in office treatment, she came in asking for me with a plate of cookies and a beaming smile.   She came to tell me in person that not only was she back in school with a bunch of friends, that three different boys had asked her to go to the prom.  It was another moment I will never forget.   Suddenly the idea of making what I thought of as creams, actually turned into developing and working with products that could truly change someone’s life.   That day made the decision and set the path for my topical product development career.   I decided that I wanted to work on the development of products that helped people.   That commitment I have held to 25 years later.”

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